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Conference Venue

The venue for the ISPIM Innovation Conference is the Tallinn Creative Hub (Kultuurikatel).

This industrial-looking historic building used to be a boiler house for a power plant and its 700-square-metre boiler room still contains two giant boilers, which played an important role in the history of Tallinn Power Plant. Parts of the complex – the boiler house, the gas storage, the trestle, and the brick chimney – are under protection as cultural heritage. Today, Tallinn Creative Hub operates as a multifunctional event centre, where different concerts, exhibitions, conferences, and workshops take place.


About Tallinn

Photos of Tallinn always show a medieval walled city of fairy-tale towers topped with red roofs—and so they should. It’s a beautiful place, with a UNESCO-listed Old Town and a rich heritage formed from the mixing of native Estonian culture and the influences of all those who governed here in the past: Danes, Germans, Swedes, and Russians. 

Next to these historic walls there also lies the beating heart of the Baltic Sea’s own Silicon Valley – Tallinn is a major hub of information technology. Locals are used to doing nearly everything online and paper-free, taking advantage of the free internet connection that’s available just about everywhere.

The city boasts a lively cultural scene, a bustling and evolving restaurant and café culture, a contemporary vibe, and a sustainable ethos, too. Add in the all-year-round appeal of four distinct seasons and it is easy to see why Estonia’s capital is a favourite with business and leisure visitors alike.

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About Estonia

Nestled in the Baltic region of Northern Europe, Estonia is a captivating country that stands as a testament to the power of innovation in the modern world. With a rich history dating back centuries, Estonia has swiftly evolved into a dynamic and forward-thinking nation. Renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, including pristine forests, picturesque coastline, and enchanting medieval towns, Estonia's natural beauty complements its technological prowess.

Estonia has emerged as a global innovation hub, often referred to as the "E-Stonia" of Europe, for its cutting-edge advancements in digital technology and governance. The birthplace of Skype and home to a thriving startup ecosystem, Estonia is a living example of a society that fully embraces the digital age, offering e-residency to individuals from across the globe and seamlessly conducting everyday tasks online.

This remarkable fusion of tradition and progress defines Estonia, making it a remarkable destination for those seeking to explore the harmonious coexistence of history and innovation in one of Europe's most intriguing nations.

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