Conference Venue

The venue for the ISPIM Innovation Conference is The Cankarjev Dom (CD) Congress Centre that is centrally located and is walking distance from several hotels and the attractive Old Town. 

The CD Congress Centre features a well-conceived design aligned with contemporary functional and aesthetic criteria as well as extraordinary acoustic properties of its halls designed by a prominent Slovenian architect, Edvard Ravnikar. The building forms part of the Slovenian architectural heritage.

In line with the green policy, CD has adopted energy-saving measures and integrated new, environmentally-friendly technologies and materials. As a contribution to increasing Ljubljana’s biodiversity, beehives have been installed on the building’s roof. Approx. 150,000 buzzing Carniola bees are now pollinating city plants and providing honey as a unique CD product.

Panorama of the vibrant Slovenian capital Ljubljana in afternoon sun._edited.jpg

Virtual Conference Venue

The conference will be using the following platforms:


  • Eventsential Event Platform will be used by ALL delegates (this is a paperless conference) to navigate through the programme. It will also provide access to the sessions for virtual participants in the hybrid sessions.

  • Zoom Video Conferencing will be used to host the different virtual sessions.

Without access to Eventsential and Zoom, you will not be able to participate in the conference virtually.

Eventsential Event Platform

Virtual delegates will need to use RD Mobile's Eventsential Event Platform to gain entry to the conference. In-person delegates will need to use the same platform to navigate the programme, receive communications etc


Please ensure you can access Eventsential several days in advance of the conference, not at the last minute! 

After you book and pay for the conference, you will be included in the list of participants. In due course (in the 10 days before the conference), you will receive an automated email with instructions on how to access Eventsential. This email will be sent to the email address you used to register for the conference.

Once you have clicked the link in the email, you will then be able to log in to both the conference desktop platform and the conference mobile app

Desktop Login Via Invitation Email: 

  • Simply click the “Log in Now” button from the invitation email. This will automatically log you in to the platform on your desktop.

Mobile App Login Via Invitation Email:

  • Open the invitation email on your mobile device.

  • If you already have the app downloaded, click the “Access on Mobile Device” button. This will launch the app and automatically log you in.

  • If you do not yet have the app downloaded, you will need to download the Eventsential app first, then navigate back to the invitation email to click on the “Access on Mobile Device” button. From there the app will launch and you will be automatically logged in.

The conference programme can only be accessed through Eventsential and will include unique links to all the various conference sessions. These links will only be posted a few days before the start of the conference. To launch Zoom directly from the programme, select the session you want to attend, and click "Launch Zoom".

Zoom Video Conferencing

A number of tracks have been designated as hybrid tracks. All sessions in these tracks will use Zoom Meeting. With Zoom Meeting, you can be an active participant and should switch on your camera on entry. Please ensure your microphone is muted at all times unless you are asked to unmute yourself by the session host.


VERY IMPORTANT: Access will be via links which will only be published in Eventsential. To attend this conference virtually, you must use Eventsential.

Setting up Zoom

If you have not used Zoom before, please refer to the excellent user guide here. Ensure your camera and microphone work and that you have a fast and stable Internet connection.


Presentations will be delivered live so presenters will be required to share their screens (using the share screen feature) and run their own presentations. If you are a panellist, you should just ensure your camera is switched on and that your microphone works. A support staff member will be on hand at all times to support you.


  • Your Zoom name is your conference badge: please rename to show your Name, Organisation, Country.

  • When you enter a Zoom Meeting, your camera will be switched off and your microphone will be muted. Please switch on your camera as it would be great to see you but please keep your microphone on mute unless you are presenting or have been asked by the session moderator to ask a question. Do NOT interrupt speakers.

  • Your session moderator will let you know at the start of each session how you can interact. This will depend on the type of session and numbers of participants.