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Join Europe's Premier Innovation Conference!

Join us for the 2024 ISPIM Innovation Conference - "Local Innovation Ecosystems for Global Impact" - that takes place in Tallinn, Estonia from 9-12 June 2024.

Engage with fellow innovation professionals from academia, industry, consulting and the public sector in a truly diverse event with people attending from across the globe. Take part in workshops, hot-topic discussions and discussion panels as well as sessions on the latest academic research results and industry cases. Hear from leading innovation thought leaders and learn about the thriving innovation ecosystem in Estonia - and, of course, experience our great 
networking events at fantastic venues throughout this jewel of the Baltics!

This conference will be in-person only. The conference will include a dedicated virtual track for virtual presenters only.
4 days of thought-provoking innovation discussions
500 innovation professionals from 50 countries
280+ presentations with innovation management insights from industry and research
50+ workshops and panel discussions to engage with

Workshops & Panels

Evening Social Events

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